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Harmony Wealth PR

Find your financial harmony with a personalized combination of...


Unbiased, commission-free advice.

Understanding your current situation, financial history, and planning for your future.

Making use of the tools you have access to, and finding how to best optimize these for your next steps in your personal financial life.

Evaluating your comprehensive financial plan. This includes saving for short-term goals, retirement, evaluating your risk management plan, taxes, and creating a plan that will serve you today, while setting you up for future success.


Helping you navigate your career as life and priorities change.

Goals-based career analysis. Identifying what is going to make you feel proud at the end of a long day of work.

Using the financial plan to drive what is possible in your work. This could mean working less, or taking the leap to go out on your own as a business owner / entreprenuer.

Optimizing and finding a strategy for your work-related compensation and benefits.

Not to be cliche, but we don’t want finances to hold you back from your dream job.


We saved the best for last. Work and money aren’t everything after all.

You are at the center of your money. There are no wrong ways to approach how to use your money, your financial plan will be unique from any other we create.

Identifying the non-negotiables as you go through the stages of life. We help you make a plan to minimize regrets.

Values-based approach. This covers everything from the relationships you have or want in life, how you want to travel or spend free time, and everything else you need to live a life well-lived.


Meet Matt Fizell, CFP®

I help Business Owners and Physicians make the most of their time, attention, money, and energy.

As a Business Owner, and the husband to an Oncology Nurse, we both know how much effort it takes to serve others well in our respective callings. In fact, it’s where I thrive. It would be an honor to help bring my expertise into your financial life, and watch the stress of money melt away during our meetings.

This isn’t a stuffy suit and tie working relationship either, and if it means you’d be most comfortable talking about your finances in your pajamas, please do so! (This happens more than you may think!)

I am excited to bring my expertise to those who are seeking change in their careers, are looking to start their dream business, or those who are ready to find harmony in their professional and work life.

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Matt is proudly a member of the following professional organizations, and takes a Voluntary Fiduciary Oath (act in your best interest) when working with clients.




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Ready to switch careers but not sure how you will manage the transition from a financial standpoint?

Changing careers can be a daunting task. It may mean taking a pay cut to shift to a field you don't have much experience in, or perhaps seeking additional education to land a spot in the field of work you've always dreamt of working in.

Let us help plan for the switch, and have a get a plan in place for what it may look like.


Moving up in your profession and feel like life changes just as soon as you have it figured out?

Whether you are rapidly moving up in your current company, are looking to land a spot within your area expertise at another company, or have equity-based compensation packages you may want some advice on, we are here to help.

Let us worry about the numbers and optimize your financial plan as you go along in your career.


Finding it difficult to manage the blend of personal and business finances, or just don't want to manage it all?

Starting or running a new business is a lot of work. Finding the blend of running your business and optimizing your personal finances can be difficult, especially when you are just getting started or are experiencing a phase of growth.

We are a small business too, we totally get it. Let us help you find harmony between business and your personal goals.