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Does it ever feel impossible to keep up with life's curveballs?

Like the second you finally create a plan, something changes and you're back to square one, trying to figure it out again?

Working with us as your Financial Planner will help you stay out of the spreadsheets, and stay focused on enjoying your well-deserved free time. Through our comprehensive process, we’ll help you stay organized and informed to help you adapt and implement quickly when your financial situation changes.

Our expertise has been featured in several publications such as:

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We offer three types of working relationships based on how you'd like to delegate to us:

(You'll notice we don't bill hourly for our ongoing relationships. We never want our clients to feel like there's any question too small to ask. And of course, as a Fee-Only Financial Planner, we never accept commissions or kickbacks!)

Meet Matt Fizell, CFP®

I help Business Owners and Physicians make the most of their time, attention, money, and energy.

As a Business Owner, and the husband to an Oncology Nurse, we both know how much effort it takes to serve others well in our respective callings. In fact, it’s where I thrive. It would be an honor to help bring my expertise into your financial life, and watch the stress of money melt away during our meetings.

This isn’t a stuffy suit and tie working relationship either, and if it means you’d be most comfortable talking about your finances in your pajamas, please do so! (This happens more than you may think!)

I am excited to bring my expertise to those who are seeking change in their careers, are looking to start their dream business, or those who are ready to find harmony in their professional and work life.

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Matt is proudly a member of the following professional organizations, and takes a Voluntary Fiduciary Oath (act in your best interest) when working with clients.




Fee-Only Network

Here are some helpful resources for commonly asked questions:

Still not sure how we can help? Check out a couple of hypothetical scenarios to see how our services work for those in different situations!

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Case #2: Physician

Lindsey is a well-respected Physician at a local hospital. She and her husband Thomas are thinking about what being "work-optional" could look like...

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Case #3: New Business

Christopher and Amanda are recently married and thinking about starting a family. Amanda has also been thinking about starting a new business...

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Case #4: Family Business

Samantha and Noah have grown a business to 15 employees. They are thinking about how to grow out of the business, and what it will mean for their children...

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